Lisa Jones is the entrepreneur behind HeadStrong Training. Lisa approached us in January 2020 about her intention to create a new wellbeing and mindfulness training business.
After much consideration Lisa decided to call her business HeadStrong Training, accurately reflecting both her personality (energetic wilful and determined) and the mental strength/resilience her business teaches it's clients.
With the name in place we were briefed to create brand assets that embodied the businesses aims of reducing absenteeism, increasing resilience and teaching wellbeing education in schools and the workplace.
Lisa suggested teal and purple as a potential colour scheme which fitted well with the business and became part of the colour palette. We also used a light grey alongside these bolder colours for more delicate touches.
One of the cornerstones of HeadStrong Training is the nine foundations of wellbeing and this became the thought process behind the geometric marque within the logo. Nine triangles creating an abstract brain shape to visualise the main focus of the business.
The font we chose to express the brand values was Harabara. The bold weight as well as the mix of angled and curved ascenders and descenders on its characters added a touch of sophisticated vulnerability, which ties in well with the business of mental wellbeing.
As if starting a new business wasn't enough Lisa was also seeking accreditation for one of her training courses, a huge task with a tight deadline. While she focused on writing the course I provided feedback on presentation to ensure her submission was consistent with the new branding. I also created visuals* and graphics that would be used as part of the training material and had to complete these in time to be presented with the written content.
All of the hard work paid off and Lisa's training course received it's full CPD accreditation at the beginning of March 2020.
*due to IP I am unable to share these
As a new business Lisa was keen to get the name out there and share her vibrant new brand with potential clients. So the next logical step was to create a business card she was really proud of, this was achieved through using the agreed colour palette and bold usage of the graphic from the HeadStrong logo. 
The face of the card featured the logo and Lisa's contact details in a dark grey. She had also been busy thinking of a strap line that summed-up the HeadStrong training offering and had settled on 'Supporting your Wellbeing'. This was incorporated underneath the logo in the HeadStrong purple. Harabara was again used for Lisa's name and Roboto Medium for the strap line, with light for the contact details.
On the reverse, the graphic from the logo was used as the dominant feature over a tint of HeadStrong purple.
The end result was really strong and supports the HeadStrong proposition. This is a solid platform for the business and gives a brand presence that she can be proud of moving forward. Lisa was delighted with the outcome and we were thrilled to receive such glowing feedback and look forward to a strong working relationship as the business grows.
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